Meet Jill & Kris

Jill Higgins

When she was younger, Jill channeled her inner super powers to portray Wonder Woman for a class play. Although that role only lasted a short time, and everyone knew she wasn’t a real superhero, she still dreams of one day being mistaken for Annie Oakley (she has serious BB gun accuracy AND red hair).


Jill loves helping people and seeing their dreams come true. Her education and experience have taught her the importance of listening, being an effective communicator, and following through. Jill spent many years owning her own businesses and knows what it takes to make deals happen and provide excellent service. And because photography is a passion (and also a former profession for Jill), she takes pride in making sure your home stands apart from the competition.



When she’s not closing real estate deals, she enjoys getting lost in a good book, kayaking with family, and sharpening her MARIO kart racing skills with her young son.

Kris Rhodes

rMany years ago, Kris had dreams of being a professional pony rider by day, Easy Bake Oven baker by night. Fortunately for her, real life took her in another direction (although she does still love a personal sized cake now and then). 


Following college and graduate school, Kris gained experience in marketing and technology through careers that helped shape the professional she is today. She proudly worked for two Georgia companies, The University of Georgia and UPS, in various marketing roles that honed her skills in areas like creative writing, collaboration, negotiation, and project management. Her entrepreneurial side led her to real estate where her enthusiasm for helping others and her drive to be successful collided to create a Realtor who works hard for her clients.


When she’s not killing it on the real estate field, Kris likes to roll up her sleeves and get busy with a crafty home project. She also enjoys flipping through the pages of Southern Living and sipping on a cold drink by the pool. That is, when the kids let her relax for a minute!